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Hi, My name is Lisa Threatt and I am your Photographer. My inspiration in this wonderful art form was - and will always be - my Father. As a young girl growing up in an outdoor oriented family, whether it be hunting, a fishing trip, or skin-diving for Abalone along the California coast, I'll never forget my Dad's trusty camera hanging by it's strap from his neck- always at the ready. He had an innate ability to capture the timeless beauty of the natural world around him. His passion back then, has become mine today..
I am always striving to capture the best in my subjects: Whether it be the awe inspiring majesty of snow-capped mountains, a young lady or gentleman beaming with the pride of that hard earned diploma or degree in hand, or capturing the wisdom and love in the eyes of a senior couple, reflecting back on a half-century of marriage. My goal is to take the magical beauty that I see through my eyes, and to capture it,.. a perfect moment in time,.. and to bring that gift to your eyes.

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